Board Effectiveness Services

In today's challenging economic climate, a successful business needs strong leadership at every level. Corporate boards that demand creative solutions and improved performance from management teams must be sure they are willing
to re-examine their value contributions, as well.

Experts agree that boards should regularly conduct formal performance assessments that help them see what must change and where they should start. This kind of focused self-assessment is just as critical when the business is doing well as it is in times of struggle.

Our team provides advisory and support services for boards of directors and advisory boards. With decades of experience working in operations and executive management, we can help provide new information and alternative perspectives that spark fresh conversations and lead to innovative long-term solutions. We are also experts in strategic planning and facilitation of board planning sessions.

Business Builders™ provides a full range of Board Effectiveness
Services, including:

  • Board of Directors and Advisory Boards
    • Operational Execution
    • Board and Executive Management Team Leadership
    • Strategic Alignment
    • Establishing and Developing Advisory Boards
    • Board or Advisory Board Membership
  • Board and Executive Assessments
    • Understanding Roles and Responsibilities
    • Enabling Effective Good Governance Practices
  • Strategic Meetings
    • Off-Site Planning
    • Facilitation