Our Team

Cathy Light

Founder, Business Builders™ , LLC
Organizational Architect and Board Advisor


Cathy Light's dynamic energy and passion for helping organizations and individuals reach their highest potential have led her to establish Business Builders™ and three other thriving, growing enterprises: Assessment Leaders™, Be Well Perform Well™, and Leadership Balance™. In recognition of her extraordinary work, Smart Business nominated Cathy Light for the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year" award in both 2009 and 2010.

Before venturing out as an entrepreneur, Cathy worked in the corporate world in a variety of leadership roles, including Vice President and General Manager of Sunrise Technologies, Inc. and Senior Sales and Marketing Executive at Fuji Optical Systems, Ltd (a division of Fuiji Film). She began her trailblazing career at a start-up company known as Apple Computer.

Cathy is a nationally recognized speaker known for engaging and inspiring her audiences. Her commitment to helping others extends to active leadership within the community. She has been an adjunct leadership professor and currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Business and Economic School at Boise State University.

Dr. Mark Tuggle

Executive Vice President & Chief Learning Officer


Dr. Mark Tuggle is a highly relational and results oriented executive with 20+ years of leadership experience focused on organizational and personal performance development, with special emphasis on sales, leadership, and educational success. He excels at identifying organizational, systemic challenges and collaboratively devising and implementing measurable, successful solutions. He is an expert facilitator possessing dynamic communication skills, with extensive presentation experience ranging from one-on-one interaction to speaking to groups of 500+.

Jennifer Chappell

Customer Service


Jennifer has spent over two decades in customer services and management, which makes her the perfect liaison between Lideranca Group and its customers. She possesses a genuine enthusiasm for nurturing client relations, so she prides herself on ensuring that communication lines remain open. This open communication builds trust and serves as a catalyst for long-term relationships between Lideranca Group and its customers.