Restructuring Services


If your company has declining revenues, reduced margins, negative cash flows, reduced profits to losses, where financial and operational challenges have significantly impacted your company, it's time to call in the experienced restructuring team at Business Builders™. With decades of experience working with companies that have evolved into this challenging state, we know what it takes to reorganize and improve operational execution.

We will work with you to apply our proven three phase management model and implement the required changes for your company to gain larger market share – and return to profitable growth.


If your company has outgrown its original structure, skills, and capabilities, it's time to call in the restructuring experts at Business Builders™. With years of experience working with corporations that have achieved their capacity thresholds, we know what it takes to reorganize and how to implement changes that will improve execution and productivity.

We will work with you to create more effective management model and strategic direction to make the necessary changes to help your company break through the capacity restraints and continue to the next levels of profitable growth.

What industry leaders are saying about our leaders

"Cathy Light and her team worked with us on our pre-IPO challenges for nearly two years. Our rapid growth outstripped our in-house talent acquisition and management capabilities. Cathy specifically worked with me and my e-team to align to our aggressive corporate objectives and learn to work as a cohesive group. Additionally, her team did a fantastic job helping BigFix scale our HR functions, which was massive by all accounts. She is super high-energy and charismatic and has a zest for helping people excel in their responsibilities. Her institutional knowledge of global business was spot-on; her direct approach was much appreciated; and her sparkling personality was always welcome when she walked into our office."


"Business Builders has the ability to quickly assess a business and its leadership and personnel, and then coach and mentor…or make the tougher decisions on appropriate personnel matters as necessary. They are not afraid of change, and will analyze the business and its challenges or leverage points, and strategize to initiate positive change immediately."